Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back at it!

Wow...moving schools and grade levels has truly caused me to put the blog on the back burner!  (Maybe even off the stove!  oops!)
5th grade has been a big adjustment, but I'm loving it!
This is our first week back after Spring Break.  We had some pretty awful weather over break...but now it's getting into the high 70s!  (If only we had that weather last week!  I'm not so sure I would have been as productive, though!)
I was pretty excited about the activity we have done for the past two days in class.  My students have been struggling with after lots of google searching, I came across this great resource from The Brown Bag Teacher -  Hands on inferring practice.  We did our "backwards" writing yesterday.  The students were the authors who knew what their readers needed to infer, they knew the basic background knowledge of their peers.  The only part they were missing were the clues!  Today we posted the writing around the room and students did a gallery walk to read each other's writing and see what they could infer from the passage.  Tomorrow we will compare the answers!
We have about 3 1/2 weeks left until our state testing...when do your students take theirs?

Now for the April Currently from Oh Boy 4th Grade!
Listening:  Wicked Soundtrack.  I'm going to see it for the first time on Friday.  So very excited!
Loving:  80 degrees?!  I'll take it!
Thinking:  4 weeks till testing?!  Where has the school year gone?
Wanting:  New flip flops.  Pretty self explanatory.  80 degrees out...and my toes want out!
Needing:  I always need new shoes.  :P
Hours and Last Day:  The students finish on the 23rd.  We go back after Memorial Day for Admin Days.