Sunday, August 11, 2013

Classroom photos! seems I've blinked...and summer is over!

My eyes are just about blurry from staring at plans all I leave you with pictures, actual blogging tomorrow!
I'm linking up with the Fantastic Farley for August's Currently...
Listening:  Johnnyswim.  I'm obsessed.  You need to listen to them now.  Beautiful vocals, amazing lyrics, just wonderful.
Loving:  I met my sweet students this past week!  Love my group!
Thinking:  I'm pretty sure every teacher going back to school is feeling this way!
Wanting:  Books!  I can never have enough books!
Needing: A manicure.  I've picked at my fingers (stress habit!) in meetings this week...I need to get them taken care of!
B2S:  Post its!  My students know I love fact, many gave them to me as part of my Christmas presents this year!
          Sharpies.  Big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones...I love them all!
          New shoes.  See pic below.  :)
First day of school!
Calendar area and my lunch count... 

Accountable talk board...we're adding more to it this week!