Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Trying this for the first time...
Linking up with Farley for her "Currently"...I always read them, but never do them!
Here we go!

Listening:  Need by Tyrone Wells.  I'm pretty sure I could listen to him sing the dictionary.  Love his voice.  So calming and beautiful.
Loving:  The week I was able to spend with my parents, brother, and friends back in New Jersey.  I missed them!  I needed a week to relax and recharge!
Thinking:  Laundry!  A week away lead to lots of laundry left to do.  I don't mind doing laundry, it's my least favorite chore to have to put my laundry away.  Maybe I should just stop buying clothes?  Nope.
Wanting:  A burger from The Pharmacy.  Mmmmmmm.  These burgers are infamous.  I even teach a writing with details lesson about these burgers.  haha!  My students know they are my favorite!
Needing:  Storage ideas for my new classroom.  I'm moving from a classroom with plenty of storage to a classroom with much less!  Help!  I need ideas!
Tips, tricks, or hints:  I can't take credit for this...it's a pinterest idea!  I love it, though!  It helps keep it from getting bent, and it's an easy way for me to find what I need!


  1. Love your tip! I am also a TN blogger!

    I am now following you. I would love for you to come visit my blog bagbysmathmadness.blogspot.com


  2. Thanks for the follow! :) Heading to your blog now!

  3. HEy Sara! I found your blog through Farley's July Currently linkup! How fun! I am switching grades too, and rooms. I had a weird super tiny room last year, this year I get a little bit bigger room but it is a square. Absolutely no storage ANYWHERE. I am relying on the shoebox containers at Target (they look like this http://www.target.com/p/room-essentials-6-qt-shoe-box-set-of-6-lime-popsicle/-/A-14484203#prodSlot=large_1_23 but are only 6 bucks in the store) and bookshelves. I also like the rolling rack with drawers like this (http://www.target.com/p/sterilite-4-drawer-storage-cart-white/-/A-11861720#prodSlot=medium_1_2)

    Good Luck!

  4. I happened upon your blog...and read your "about me" section. I teach ESL in upper elementary, and you know how much tie-in ESL and ELA have. I'm your newest follower! ~Deb
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