Monday, March 18, 2013


I am a fourth grade teacher in Tennessee.  I currently teach Reading, English, and Writing.
I will be using this blog to share ideas from my classroom, collaborate with other teachers, and document my journey with Whole Brain Teaching.
I began this school year using Whole Brain Teaching for the first time.  I had discovered the methods at the end of last school year, after an extensive google search for ideas to help an extremely challenging student.  While many people spend their summers reading Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult (love Jodi's books!), I spent my summer devouring every thing I came across on the WBT website.
I am a complete believer in the program, it fits the way I run my classroom so naturally!  I'll be posting videos of WBT in action in my classroom soon.
Those of you that do use WBT, what do you find that you like the best?

What is Whole Brain Teaching?
Whole Brain Teaching rests upon the principle that teachers at every level share the same difficulties: students lack discipline, background knowledge and fundamental problem solving skills. From kindergarten to college, teachers face students who have difficulty with reading and writing. Nonetheless, our students respond to challenges, enjoy well-designed learning games, and can make, in the proper setting, astonishing educational progress.

Our goal is to create peaceful classrooms full of orderly fun. Thousands of teachers believe we're on the right track.

Whole Brain Teaching


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog, Sara! WBT is the glad to hear you are using it in your classroom! Look forward to following you!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

    1. Thanks for the comment Nancy! I'll be checking out your blog as well!