Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break!

It is Spring Break for our district...and I'm updating this blog from my classroom.  I know...I's Spring Break.  In my dreams, I'm on a tropical beach with my book in hand.  Unfortunately, I'm wide this means SPRING CLEANING.
I will be moving to a different school next year, though still teaching the same grade level.  Our district has reconfigured schools, and I will be moving to the school designated for fourth through sixth grade.  I'm sad to be leaving my fabulous hallway coworkers in third grade...but I'm excited for the adventure.
The move has me looking at EVERYTHING I have accumulated in the three short years I have been in this room.  I'm a bit of a pack rat (just ask my family), so I save EVERYTHING.  I'm learning to move away from that though, as I am going through my materials.
My biggest issue seems to be storage of posters.  How do you store your classroom posters and anchor charts?

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  1. Good luck with the move! Organization can be such a challenge. I try rolling posters and putting a rubber band around them. Then they can be saved nicely. Just make sure that you label them on the outside so you can find them again!